~*~Nikki~*~ (chickiebabie) wrote,


So friday, was full of Saw and Saw II and mac n cheese.

Saturday, work, swimming in my clothes and drinking way to much bud light. Went to aldos house and played.

Suday woke up naked (its a phenomenon, i get naked when i drink to much.) and with a horrible headache. Ate some chorizo y huebos watched ITALY KICK ASS in the world cup. Went home at pizza, left for work, got off early and then went to Andrews house for a bbq celebracion por le cruise. Cause we finally paid for it and everything and it is all officail, and it gave us an excuse to drink. had a few Beam and Cokes aldo took me home, and here i am on a computer telling you about it.

Isnt life grand?
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