~*~Nikki~*~ (chickiebabie) wrote,

And it goes no where....

... it happens every time "lets talk ablut this" turns into "go ahead and rant. .. now how do we fix it" cause i have all the answers. I signed up for 2 kids honey, not 3. Lets have a convo and work something out instead of "what do we do now?" Im sure now he thinks everything is fine and ill drop it like i always do. And in 2 months we will have another rant session. Part of me knows i will drop it and another part of me thinks "i could burn this marriage license and no one would ever know" why should i be with a man who cant even make himself happy. All he is going to do is bring the rest of the family down. Am i responsible for happiness? Is that part of my wifely duties? Fuck that. Its not 1950... cause if it were he would be reponsible for the car/garage/yard instead of everything falling on me. Im pretty sure this motherfucker thought he was on easy street and i take care of everything n he goes to work and come home. Well like i said before we got married Fuck you it aint happening. I guess we will see if he makes an effort. If he doesnt... i guess that determines how i treat this marriage. If he doesnt make time for me i dont need to make time for him. compartmentalize my life. Stay together for the kids. Treat it like a business. Divorce when they graduate. And officially become my mother. Ugh... gag me with a spoon

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