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Daddy's Little Sugarcake

So Innocent, So Sweet, So Deceiving

21 June
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[1] brownish skin
[2] bluish eyes
[3] brown hair
[4] a girl's body of the height 5'7"
[5] a nice ass. lol.
[6] mis-matched pajamas
[7] sunglasses at night
And you've got the exterior of me.

[1] very low self-esteem
[2] a random thought process
[3] a best friend
[4] a lot of sarcasm
[5] a screwed up but loving family
[6] a love for the stage
[7] an outgoing personality
[8] lack of money
[9] dependency for music
[10] love for attention
[11] addiction to internet
[12] an interest in making my own fashion
[13] a careful mind
[14] a need for another person
[15] weakness for a cute smile
[16] jealousy
[17] a bit of sincerity
[18] humor
[19] a sarcastic tone
[20] a one chance maximum
[21] a one drink minimum
[22] a mind that thinks confuzzled is truly a word
[23] a crush on Billy Idol, Jimmy Fallon & James Marsters and another not so famous person
[24] a great friend named Austin who is powered by Jesus
[25] the phrase "fuck me in the ass"
[26] a person who gets bored very easily
[27] a person who doesn't trust people
[28] a hate for people who judge others without knowing them.
[29] a pinky promise
[30] an appreciation for friends
[32] an odd taste in music
[33] a love for all things with sugar in them
[34] a very confusing life most people don’t understand
and you've gotten close to the complete works of me

Story Behind The Name: Your face.

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